We Good Them Bad

Things going on in news have begun to remind me of my early years, cowering under the stairs, Mickey Mouse gas-masks at the ready, Mother keeping her nerve so as not to frighten us by her own fear, whilst German aircraft scattered bombs over the suburb where I lived. My print expresses my feelings about that […]

Inky Fingers at Woodbridge

‘Inky Fingers’ is an Ipswich based group of printers which exhibits biennially. It is led by Jude Lockie, a well known print-maker both here and in Japan. The theme of the exhibition is ‘Flight’ and there are many pictures of avian scenes; mine is in a different vein – the title is ‘Bombers Moon’. Other […]


This giraffe is an amazing ceramic made by local artist Lisa Dale. Its mournful  sensitive eyes survey our dinner table each night, adding a touch of class and gravitas, though she seldom enters the conversation.   Lisa has made a number of these humanized animals, which rise far above the common herd, and similar sculptures involving […]

Pauline Jones – an artist who I admire greatly.

Pauline has produced a stunning collection of works, and deserves to be much better known. Suppressed, like many of us by the ‘Keep the world safe for people who can’t draw’ brigade she paints on and must one day, when we are all gone, in a new honest world – be discovered again. Watch this […]


Some guy got himself suspended from CERN today (30 Oct 2018)for something politically incorrect that he said. Was he sacked because it was false, or because it was true? One always wonders in these cases. 


Recent Work

Golem gone West Breakout Fathers Return Penge defies the Swastika