This giraffe is an amazing ceramic made by local artist Lisa Dale. Its mournful  sensitive eyes survey our dinner table each night, adding a touch of class and gravitas, though she seldom enters the conversation.   Lisa has made a number of these humanized animals, which rise far above the common herd, and similar sculptures involving […]

Pauline Jones – an artist who I admire greatly.

Pauline has produced a stunning collection of works, and deserves to be much better known. Suppressed, like many of us by the ‘Keep the world safe for people who can’t draw’ brigade she paints on and must one day, when we are all gone, in a new honest world – be discovered again. Watch this […]

John Minton

Saw BBC TV program about John Minton a few days ago. The  presenter Mark Gatiss took the line that in the forties and early fifties he was the rising star of British art, but that by 1957 he had been eclipsed by artists who painted in a new fashion, in particular Francis Bacon and Lucian […]


Recent Work

Golem gone West Breakout Fathers Return Penge defies the Swastika